Mute Swans, Ink Sketch

I was at the Gallery in Broughty Ferry getting some work framed. Afterwards I took a walk to see if there was anything interesting to sketch. There are often Swans down on the Tay and sure enough I saw at least ten of them enjoying  some late morning sun. They were also rather keen to see if I had food for them in my bag. More than one of them wandered straight up to me to the point I had to back away a bit.

Broughty Ferry Gulls, Mixed Media


After going to the framers in Broughty Ferry I did some sketches by the waterfront. As the sun was starting to set the wind seemed to be getting stronger and the gulls were getting blown about. I did the sketch with neocolour watersoluble crayons then  added water when I got home. Once that dried I added oil pastels to bring out some of the lights and darks.

Puffins, Isle Of May, Watercolour Wax Pastel Sketch




Saturday I went to the Isle of May sailing from Anstruther. The highlight is always to see the puffins. I sat next to them and enjoyed sketching away as you can see from the photo taken of me at work. They all seem to have their very own personalities. Some had lots of sand-eels in their beaks. Great day and a treat to enjoy the puffins company. The first sketch is done with permanent ink and Neocolor watersoluble wax pastels. When I got home and had more time I added the water to the picture. You can see how vibrant the colours are after the water has been used.