Life Drawing Workshop Study Number 1, Oil Pastel.


I did this oil pastel sketch on the first day of the life drawing workshop. Each pose by the model was for 5 mins. The model would go into another pose for the next 5 mins and so on until she had done six different poses. I started in the centre of my paper with my lightest yellow oil pastel. The drawings were layered on top of previous sketches using stronger coloured oil pastels as I progressed. This was a real fun exercise.

Life Drawing Workshop Sketch Number 4, Pastel


This week I  attended a  two day Life Drawing Workshop at Dundee College. It was excellent and a great opportunity to create lively interesting sketches. This sketch incorporated two models with a background setup of bikes and brightly coloured flags. There were a total of four models.  The models moved around the games hall to allow artists to have a change of model for each drawing.

Life Drawing, Collage


Last week I did a large collage life drawing 21 inches by 30 inches. This was done over two weeks with 2 hour sessions. I started by using gesso on the paper surface. Once dry I added strips of glossy magazines approx the shape of the figure. Then more gesso and acrylic paint. Some of the background paper shows through. Quite messy however good fun. A great way to achieve some interesting effects.

Olympia Contour Drawing, Mixed Media


After doing the warm up exercise at life drawing class we got down to a few 40min exercises. This contour drawing was done with conte and then washes were applied using an opaque paint. The skin tone was done in small brush strokes in different directions. Several colours were used in layers. First orange then blue then a warm red. I didn’t quite get this finished.