Cat in a Bowl

I was in Crail recently and visited the Pottery Shop where I had a surprise. It was my best inspiration of the day! There was a cat curled up in one of their beautiful bowls, sound asleep. I just had to sketch him. Apparently he just started coming in to the shop and found a nice warm spot (it is above the kiln workshops) and keeps coming back every day to the same bowl.

Sita, Watercolour SOLD


I like to switch to working in different medium’s. This keeps me on my toe’s and reminds me of the pros and cons of the materials I am using. I did this painting using watercolour paper prepared with a thick coating of gesso. I approached the painting by applying a wash  of warm colour and lifting out the lights with a damp paper towel. I liked the texture the gesso gave to the paper.

Xena Resting

Every so often I explore the use of my iPad apps for sketching. Xena my cat was resting on my knee as I was viewing my iPad. I was inspired to open up one of the art apps in this case SketchBook PRO and do this simple sketch. I just used my finger as the drawing tool!

Red Squirrel, Ink, Sketch

I thought I would post my 15min sketch of the red squirrel. This is from my sketch book. I always like to do a study in preparation for a painting. It helps me to remember what my first impression and feeling was about the subject. Sometimes when it is difficult to get motivated these little sketches can be stepping stones to future paintings!


Puffin Close Up, Pastel

We had a great visit to Isle of May it was misty sailing out to the Island however once there it was delightful, warm and sunny! The trip has given me lots of inspiration. I did quick sketches of things that caught my attention as I wandered around the Island. This is a painting I did after the trip.

Puffin Ink Sketches

I am making a trip to the Isle of May and trying to decide what materials to take for sketching the Puffins and other seabirds we may see. I came across these ones I did a while ago using ink Tombow art pens in 3 tones. For the lights I left the white paper to show through. I think I shall pack them when I go.