Snowdrop Vase

Snowdrops were early to flower this year. I decided to pick some from the garden and put them in my glass snowdrop vase, found in a charity shop. I set up a small still life in my studio. Below is a quick sketch in conte on a blue background. I decided to add additional pattern for interest under the vase.

I next did a tonal study in oil using 4 tones only. I mixed these tones before starting to paint the still life. This was a fun exercise. A nice way to show appreciation for such delicate flowers which cheer us at this time of year.

Purple Tulips

The weather lately has been warm and sunny which attracted me to painting outside. The tulips in the garden were at their best. I knew they wouldn’t stay this way for long so this forced me to get on and do a painting in situ. My study was in pastel and I then went on to paint in oils for the final painting.

Monotone Paintings

Study for High Tide, The Gyles

For a number of years I have been doing monotone paintings. I mix black and white oil paint to a limited number of tones usually 4 or 5. I use these to paint my subjects. l love doing these paintings however when I crave more colour I can revert to my full colour palette. My website now has a gallery showing a selection of these paintings, which you can see from the following link

Chicken After Richard Schmid, Oil


I am a great admirer of the american artist Richard Schmid. He has a way of making his work look so fresh and not laboured. I did this oil sketch of one of his paintings called “Chicken”. The reason I spent time doing this is to learn more about the way he painted it and the colours used to portray the subject. He really makes use  of his colours to unify the work and pull everything together. I would love to go to one of his workshop’s and learn more.

Untitled, Study After Charles Hawthorne, Oil


I loved this quote by American artist Charles Hawthorne –  “A sketch has a charm because of its truth-not because it is unfinished”

I did this study above of Charles Hawthorne painting “Untitled” to learn more about how he painted this study. I always try to start my day with a study as a warm up exercise. This gets me motivated for the next painting!