Turquoise Coffee Pot, Pastel

On Monday evening I was invited to do a demonstration at Alloa Art Club. This was the painting I did by firstly blocking in colours in pastels without drawing in the subject matter. Once I had an underpainting I used charcoal to draw this still life. I added more pastel once I had drawn in the main objects in the still life. The club members spent the second half of the evening engaged in doing their own still life paintings.

Outdoor Studio, Oil

What wonderful weather we are having just now. I took the opportunity to work outdoors on some colour block studies. This is good for improving observational skills when it comes to colours. I did one study in overcast light and one in sunshine. The garden is coming alive with fresh buds on the plants. Birds were chirping away as I worked, who needs music when you are in the great outdoors! (or even your back garden!)

Still Life with Lemon, Pastel

I set up this still life in the studio. I used a box on its side with a window cut out to allow the light to filter through on that side. This gave an interesting play of light on my subject. The paper I worked on was a pale yellow Sennelier pastel card. This has a nice rough texture to grab the pastel. The middle picture shows the still life in progress.