The Wave, Oil Pastel SOLD

Working on a textured ground I did this seascape painting, using Sennelier 38ml large oil pastels. I bought them recently and I am experimenting with them. Normally I use the smaller less chunky version. However I really liked the larger version as you can push the oil pastel around more easily. They felt comfortable in my hand. I love the strength of colour you can achieve with these oil pastels.

Tertiary Colours

For this exercise I used pastels that were as close as possible to the 6 colour wheel tertiary colours. I arranged them as they would fall on the wheel. For the painting below I used these colours plus some black, light blue and cream. It was good working with these chosen colours.

Land And Sea, Study

Last Wednesday after my pastel class in St Andrews I headed down to the West Sands. I decided to do a sketch from the car park. It was so windy my sketch pad was blown out of my hand onto the beach below. I had no choice but to rush to rescue it. Fortunately it had landed on damp sand and not in a wet puddle. It made me realise how attached I am to my sketch pads. Each sketch in the book evokes great memories, sights, sounds, weather etc. I love to refer to them when I need to inject some inspiration into my work. The sketch above is the view from where I found my book.

Studio View, Pastel

Yesterday afternoon I went into the Studio to sort out some things and the sky above Dundee was looking really dramatic. It made me think of the challenge I have set the students at St Andrews Art Club. I have asked them to do pastel studies of the sky and promised I would be doing it too. This started out as a sky study then I couldn’t stop and continued painting trying to capture the fleeting light.

West Shore Waves, Acrylic on Slate SOLD

I thought I would try something a little different. I have been collecting odd pieces of slate from beaches around Scotland with the intention of using them to paint on. However we were getting work done on the roof and the roofers left a couple of odd slate tiles in the garden. The tile was a nice shape with two holes either side perfect for a display at Pittenweem Arts Festival. You can see where the holes are one looks like a skylight on the top right the other looks like a round window at the end of the house.