Monotone Paintings

Study for High Tide, The Gyles

For a number of years I have been doing monotone paintings. I mix black and white oil paint to a limited number of tones usually 4 or 5. I use these to paint my subjects. l love doing these paintings however when I crave more colour I can revert to my full colour palette. My website now has a gallery showing a selection of these paintings, which you can see from the following link

Summer Sunset, Study, Pastel SOLD


Last thing before retiring to bed I went into the studio and was presented with a spectacular sunset. Only one thing to do was to try to capture its essence in a matter of minutes. I just grabbed a scrap piece of pastel card and a box of pastels and worked on this study. I could barely see the colours in my box however my hand seemed to guide me towards the colours required.  Using vibrant pastels I have managed to recreate the sunset as I remember it. The next morning it was nice to see this study in daylight.