The Wave, Oil Pastel SOLD

Working on a textured ground I did this seascape painting, using Sennelier 38ml large oil pastels. I bought them recently and I am experimenting with them. Normally I use the smaller less chunky version. However I really liked the larger version as you can push the oil pastel around more easily. They felt comfortable in my hand. I love the strength of colour you can achieve with these oil pastels.

Sparrow Hawk, Oil

I couldn’t resist painting this magnificent fellow who briefly visited the garden. This is a male Sparrow Hawk which has that blue grey back. Today a female Sparrow Hawk visited. She perched on the same post in the garden. She is quite different with a brown back instead of blue grey. I used only three oil colours plus white,prussian blue, translucent- magenta and cadmium yellow.

Outdoor Studio, Oil

What wonderful weather we are having just now. I took the opportunity to work outdoors on some colour block studies. This is good for improving observational skills when it comes to colours. I did one study in overcast light and one in sunshine. The garden is coming alive with fresh buds on the plants. Birds were chirping away as I worked, who needs music when you are in the great outdoors! (or even your back garden!)

The Gyles, Pittenweem, Oil Sketch

I did these three tonal studies after a visit to Pittenweem. I referred to my sketch book to capture the feeling of the place. It was after a storm hence the large waves. I used black and white oil paint and two other tones mixed from the black and white. I have to decide which ones to work on for a larger painting. I can’t decide.

Gondolier In Venice, Oil Pastel


I am just back from a fantastic holiday to Venice. What a beautiful city with so much to offer. I did quite a lot of plein air sketches to try to capture the atmosphere of the place. These will help when it comes to do some studio paintings. The weather was sunny and warm which enabled me to get around and about. My bag with my art materials was a little on the heavy side. However it was better to have them with me as inspiration came in the most unlikely places.