Land And Sea, Study

Last Wednesday after my pastel class in St Andrews I headed down to the West Sands. I decided to do a sketch from the car park. It was so windy my sketch pad was blown out of my hand onto the beach below. I had no choice but to rush to rescue it. Fortunately it had landed on damp sand and not in a wet puddle. It made me realise how attached I am to my sketch pads. Each sketch in the book evokes great memories, sights, sounds, weather etc. I love to refer to them when I need to inject some inspiration into my work. The sketch above is the view from where I found my book.

Puffin Ink Sketches

I am making a trip to the Isle of May and trying to decide what materials to take for sketching the Puffins and other seabirds we may see. I came across these ones I did a while ago using ink Tombow art pens in 3 tones. For the lights I left the white paper to show through. I think I shall pack them when I go.

Toasting My Toes, Ink Sketch

Our central heating packed in on Saturday. This morning was very cold and frosty. While it was being fixed I took the opportunity of showing my appreciation for our woodburning stove by sketching it. What you don’t see in this drawing is that I have the kettle heating on top of the stove to make a cuppa. Our cat Xena is snoring in the other chair on the right. On my feet I am wearing my new cosy slippers.

Mute Swans, Ink Sketch

I was at the Gallery in Broughty Ferry getting some work framed. Afterwards I took a walk to see if there was anything interesting to sketch. There are often Swans down on the Tay and sure enough I saw at least ten of them enjoying  some late morning sun. They were also rather keen to see if I had food for them in my bag. More than one of them wandered straight up to me to the point I had to back away a bit.

In The Waves, Acrylic Inks


I received a delivery of new art materials and just had to use them straight away! The result was this painting. I used my new large brush and some of my new colours of Daler Rowney acrylic inks. I was lost in the activity and swept away by the joy of the moment. Hopefully the energy comes through in the painting.