Puffin Ink Sketches

I am making a trip to the Isle of May and trying to decide what materials to take for sketching the Puffins and other seabirds we may see. I came across these ones I did a while ago using ink Tombow art pens in 3 tones. For the lights I left the white paper to show through. I think I shall pack them when I go.

Toasting My Toes, Ink Sketch

Our central heating packed in on Saturday. This morning was very cold and frosty. While it was being fixed I took the opportunity of showing my appreciation for our woodburning stove by sketching it. What you don’t see in this drawing is that I have the kettle heating on top of the stove to make a cuppa. Our cat Xena is snoring in the other chair on the right. On my feet I am wearing my new cosy slippers.

Mute Swans, Ink Sketch

I was at the Gallery in Broughty Ferry getting some work framed. Afterwards I took a walk to see if there was anything interesting to sketch. There are often Swans down on the Tay and sure enough I saw at least ten of them enjoying  some late morning sun. They were also rather keen to see if I had food for them in my bag. More than one of them wandered straight up to me to the point I had to back away a bit.

In The Waves, Acrylic Inks


I received a delivery of new art materials and just had to use them straight away! The result was this painting. I used my new large brush and some of my new colours of Daler Rowney acrylic inks. I was lost in the activity and swept away by the joy of the moment. Hopefully the energy comes through in the painting.

Andrew Reading, Ink


This was the last day of the Christmas holiday and I sketched Andrew reading a book. I like to challenge myself to use ink, which doesn’t allow for many adjustments. Having a sketch book with me when I am out and about means that I can do quick studies when I see an interesting subject.