Wormit Bay, Sunset Study

I thought I would post yesterdays work in the studio. I like to do a study before considering any larger work. Sometimes that study could be just in monotone however I wanted to test colours out on my favourite orange Mi-Teintes pastel paper. Here is a photo of my sunset study with a tray of pastels I selected for this painting. A swatch of paper I used for testing the pastels. The grey colours you see in the bottom right corner of the tray are so important to the work and desirable to have in any pastel collection. I use either a pastel pencil or charcoal for drawing a loose sketch to begin with as this can easily be corrected without damaging the paper. Now I am inspired and ready to start the larger painting.

2 thoughts on “Wormit Bay, Sunset Study

  1. Wow, this is beautiful!! I was just looking to find nice beaches in Fife and came across this on google images. The sunlight on the water is amazing 🙂

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