Pittenweem Arts Festival 2010

I have been at the Pittenweem Arts Festival, this was my eighth year. We were very busy, more so than last year.

I love being at the West Shore of Pittenweem. There is always something to look at, from the ever changing light to the people passing by. I especially like watching the children playing on the beach.

There were lots of favourable comments during the week and my exhibition was reviewed with others in Gavin Broom’s blog.

We had a lovely sunset one evening with the Bass Rock turning pink. And if that was not enough a rain shower made a rainbow behind the rock. Awesome!





One thought on “Pittenweem Arts Festival 2010

  1. Hi Gina, love your photos of Pittenweem. It was really fun to meet you face to face and hear about your ventures with oil pastel. Congratulations on another successful festival!

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