Sketching in Venice


I am recently back from a great week in the city of Venice. With so much to inspire,  you are spoilt for choice. I found a nice quiet spot to sketch and as I was working I was aware that I had a young audience. The two boys were interested in watching my progress, they were visiting from Vienna. They both had an interest in art which was lovely and I hope I inspired them to do some sketching too.

Lake Side Holiday, Canada

It has been a while since I have done a blog post. After a busy and successful time at Pittenweem Arts Festival we had a holiday in Canada to visit my brother and family. I took the opportunity to get some sketching outdoors when possible. Below is the photo reference of my subject and also one of me at work. The third photo shows my sketch in progress along with my colour reference chart so that I can give reference codes to colours observed at the time.  Photo’s don’t always show the exact colour as seen with the eye. Now that I am home I can use studio time to bring back the memories and apply paint to this study.




Pittenweem Arts Festival 2014


The poppies in the garden this year were glorious. These oriental poppies were painted out in the garden with the bees buzzing around. I thought that the painting would also look good cropped into a panorama format and so used it for my festival banner.

Pittenweem Arts Festival 2014

The Pittenweem Arts Festival starts on the 2nd August and running until the 10th August. My web site has a page showing some of the paintings I will be exhibiting. See my Pittenweem Arts Festival 2014 page.

Summer Sunset, Study, Pastel SOLD


Last thing before retiring to bed I went into the studio and was presented with a spectacular sunset. Only one thing to do was to try to capture its essence in a matter of minutes. I just grabbed a scrap piece of pastel card and a box of pastels and worked on this study. I could barely see the colours in my box however my hand seemed to guide me towards the colours required.  Using vibrant pastels I have managed to recreate the sunset as I remember it. The next morning it was nice to see this study in daylight.

The Orchard, Pastel


After a busy time with the open studio I treated myself to lunch at Pillars of Hercules. I had intended to do outdoor painting when I was out and about. As soon as I sat down I knew I wanted to sketch the view in front of me. Fortunately I had my pastels in the car and a board to work on. This was the sketch I worked on. Lunch was excellent as always, great place to relax.